For Our Future: Provo Girls Summit


The Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce Women’s Business Network is proud to be partnering with Provo Girls Summit as volunteers at their inaugural career exploration event for girls 8-12 years old. A word on the Summit from its organizers: 

In recent years, Utah has been ranked as one of the worst places for women to work especially in terms of pay. Our hypothesis is that part of this problem is that early on, Utah girls may feel limited in the kinds of jobs they can pursue because most of the women they see in the workplace occupy lower paying jobs (e.g., hair stylists, school teachers). 

Our event is designed to let girls interact with successful women in a wide range of industries so that they can see that women and girls really can do anything when it comes to their careers. Our organizing team is intentionally inviting professional women who work in spaces that are not traditional for women to enter to utilize an “if she can see it, she can be it” philosophy. Joining us will be a planetary scientist, a mechanical engineer, a games designer, cast members from Studio C, a physician, and more. Our hope is that the girls who attend the Summit will stay open to and curious about a variety of career interests that will lead to a higher paid future generation of professional Utah women. 

We’re focusing on girls ages 8-12 because we believe at that age, they probably have not been exposed to as much gender based career choice messaging (e.g. It’s okay for girls to be teachers, but careers in tech and science are for boys) as older girls have been exposed to. 

RSVP for Provo Girls Summit here:




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