Getting to Know: April Crossley, WBN Financial Chair

April Crossley

Say hello to April Crossley, an awesome member of our Women’s Business Network Board. Continue scrolling to learn more about April and some of the great things that she does.

Hometown: American Fork, UT.

WBN Board Role: Financial Chair

Organization: Hawkins, a CPA firm.

Why did you join the Women’s Business Network and what do you like most about being a WBN member?

One of the partners at the firm encouraged me to attend a meeting and when I did, I immediately felt welcome and surrounded by powerful, amazing women.  I had just graduated from college and knew this would be a great place to network and learn.  I was used to working around successful men, it was a very refreshing change to meet with and get to know successful women.  I also like hearing from women that are doing what I want to do.  They can help guide me to where I want to ultimately end up.

If you could share one piece of wisdom with the WBN community about being a successful woman in business, what would it be?

One piece of wisdom I can share would be to try.  Things scare me, all the time.  But I won’t ever have the opportunity to say, “yep, I failed at that one” if I don’t try.  At least if I do fail, I can learn from it, mark it off my list, and move on.

Thank you April for sharing with us! For any questions that you have for April about her work with the WBN or Hawkins, feel free to reach out to her at



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