Getting to Know: Amy Magleby, WBN Luncheon Chair

Follow along in the questionnaire below to learn a little more about Amy Magleby, a Commercial Relationships Manager at Zions Bank and our Women’s Business Network Luncheon Chair.

Amy Magleby
Amy Magleby, Luncheon Chair 


Where is your Hometown?

Firth, Idaho

What is your role with WBN?

Luncheon Chair

What organization do you work with?

Zions Bank

Why did you join the Women’s Business Network, and what do you like the most about being a WBN member?

I enjoy and benefit from spending time with successful women that have been (or are currently) in my shoes and understand the struggles/complications of being a working mother while balancing other commitments.  It is fascinating for me to hear other women’s stories on how they got where they are and the struggles/successes they had along the way.

If you could share one piece of wisdom with the WBN community about being a successful woman in business, what would it be?

Be where you are.  To many times as women we try to juggle multiple responsibilities at the same time.  I personally have found that if I am with my family, I can’t be thinking about work/church or I get distracted and I don’t give my family the attention they need and deserve.  So when I leave work, I try to leave it there, which is easier said that than done at times.  

To learn more about and to connect with Amy, send her an email at


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