Women Tech Council: The Importance of Women in Tech and Entrepreneurship

Women Tech Council Speaker at LuncheonDuring my time with Provo City Mayor’s Office and Mayor’s Office of Economic Development, I have had the pleasure of getting to know co-founder Sara Dansie Jones and programs director Kristin Wright from Women Tech Council . Sara and Kristin work with their leadership team and community partners to strengthen and bring together women in tech. One of their most recent events that they organized was SheTech Explorer Day, a day of STEM learning and exploration that was attended by over 1,200 high school girls at Utah Valley University.

As a 2,500 member strong non profit organization, Women Tech Council focuses on building women in tech and entrepreneurship by improving visibility, networking, and opportunities for them. Because of the amazing work that they do, Women Tech Council made the perfect set of speakers for our March luncheon. For those of you who were not able to make to the luncheon, here  are a few tidbits from the things that Sara and Kristin shared with us:

-Even though several Utah companies are raising the bar for creating a good environment for women in the workplace, Utah still has a fairly low national ranking in that area.

-Sara attributes Women Tech Council’s success to the large number of entrepreneurs on their leadership team. Their passion for women in tech is powerful in building Women Tech Council as an organization because selling isn’t selling when you’re passionate about your topic.

-As the Women Tech Council works to improve the economic value of women, they measure their success by:

1. The number of men connected to the Women Tech Council

2. The number industry influencers are committed to shifting policy and culture to value women in tech and entrepreneurship

To get involved with a powerful effort built by amazing women, mark your calendars for the next Women Tech Council event, Retail Tech Talk, which is next week, Thursday March 31st. The event will feature executive women from Overstock, eBay, and STEALs.com. Register for the event here. To become a member (thanks to their generous sponsors, membership is free) of Women Tech Council, by signing up here.


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