What did you learn about networking?

We consider the March luncheon last Thursday a success! For those that attended, many participated in mini-networking activities from sharing first impressions to sharing the contents of purses.

Prompted by questions and the information learned from Tyna-Minet Anderson, women were able to pick up a few tips and tricks regarding networking practices. Several women shared their belief that quality connections made during networking opportunities is far better than the quantity of people you connect and talk to.

Tips for improving in networking included:

  • Follow up. Perhaps set a Google news alert to notify you of news about the person or company and follow up on your learned knowledge. Email them after having met. However you choose to stay in touch, make sure you don’t wait too long after your initial connection.
  • How can you hep them? The best connections are formed not when you’re looking for who can benefit you, but when you end up helping and serving someone else. This genuine approach is sure to generate authentic, mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Play matchmaker. Matchmaker, matchmaker, make us a match. Sometimes one of the most gratifying things in networking is being able to help connect others. In the process of mingling, did you piece together a puzzle? Perhaps several people among those you know could help each other. While this might not directly impact your business at first, performing these services will help you. Not only do you get the satisfaction of creating bonds within the community, but eventually the favor will probably be done for you as well.
  • Do you have more networking tips? Share them with us! Our next networking even will be held this fall.

Thanks to all who attended and were also able to tag along on the Qualtrics Building Tour.


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