What’s Your Style? WBN August Luncheon Recap

Mike Cheney 1

WBN meeting 8 14

WBN members enjoyed learning about personal styles and their implications at work and at home at the August luncheon, held August 21st at Clear Horizons Academy in Provo. The meal was provided by Landmark Catering.

The speaker for the event was Mike Cheney, President of Persogenics, a Utah firm. He discussed four styles that have an impact on how we succeed at work and also on our relationships at home. The four types are:

Dominant – Individuals with a dominant style gain their self esteem from task completion. While those with dominant styles emphasize effective use of time, it’s important for them to learn to ask at times instead of always telling. About twelve percent of the population has this style.

Expressive – An expressive style leads people to put people first and tasks second. They believe there is more than one way to solve every problem. They derive their sense of self worth from relationships with other people. About nineteen percent of the population are Expressives.

Analyticals – Analyticals are driven by process. It’s very important tot hem that tasks be done right the first time. They prefer to gather all of the facts before they begin a project. If they make a mistake, then they are inclined to start again from the beginning. About 32 percent of the population fit in this category.

Amiables – Individuals with this style (about 37 percent of the population) believe that relationships and trust are the most important element. They avoid conflicts at all costs. It’s important for people in this category to learn to speak up.

The key takeaway from the presentation was the importance of understanding your style and how it affects other people. But it’s also critical to be yourself. Be true to your own style. You won’t be successful if you try to imitate another style.

As part of the presentation, Mike has made the assessment designed to clarify your style available to WBN members. To complete and assessment to determine your own style, go here. For more information, feel free to contact Mike directly at michael.cheney@persogenics.com.

Thanks to Clear Horizons Academy for hosting this event. Those in attendance were able to participate in a tour of their beautiful new building on Geneva Road. To learn more about supporting their events, go here, or follow them on Twitter (@_ClearHorizons).

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