WBN Luncheon Follow-up: Overcoming Random Acts of Marketing

On Thursday, August 9, the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce Women’s Business Network held its monthly luncheon. The view from Zion’s Bank was beautiful, the food by Landmark Catering was delicious, and the presentation by Michelle Smith of Your Marketing Therapy was memorable.

In Smith’s presentation we learned to avoid applying the “If you build it, they will come.” principle to marketing and quit wasting time and money by getting caught in marketing “shoulds” (i.e., should I be doing SEO, should I have a Facebook, where should I sell my products, should I join that networking group).  Smith described a three-step-process to avoid flailing after the “shoulds” as we avoid random acts of marketing:

  1. Productizing – Know what you’re selling, where your product focus should be, and what your competition is doing.
  2. Targeting – Start by creating a customer profile (demographic and psychographic) and extend that into Primary and Secondary audiences. Also, don’t forget to identify your decision makers and influencers within your target audience. (The neck turns the head!)
  3. Routes to Marketing – Don’t reinvent your marketing wheel – extend it! Figure out what is working in your current marketing efforts and find the similarities between what you’re doing and other routes to market you could be doing. Set marketing goals and up-sell when possible.

Effective marketing plans will result in the greatest value to the organization and help you avoid marketing “shoulds.”  For more information on the presentation or to reach Michelle Smith, contact her via Facebook, LinkedIn, or her blog.  Thanks to our luncheon sponsors: Preston, Pence & Lisonbee, Zion’s Bank, and The Barbara Barrington Jones Family Foundation.  We also welcome Donna Milakovic to the Chamber as Executive Vice President!

As a reminder, registration is open for the September 14 Utah Valley Women’s Business Conference. Save the date (9/14, 8AM-1:30PM at Utah Valley University) on your calendar and watch for details in the next blog post!

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