March WBN Luncheon Recap: “Nothing But Networking”

We had a great meet-up yesterday for March’s “Nothing But Networking” WBN luncheon. Thanks to Novell for a delicious lunch, fantastic facilities, and leg-strengthening work-outs (heels + parking lot = no bueno).

We took a break from our regular speaker schedule and had WBN board members Tyna and Jenna walk attendees through a few networking basics and accompanying (non-leg-strengthening) exercises. We’ve included the presentation below for anyone who wants to brush up on their 1936 networking points.

We’d also like to extend an apology to Sherry Harward for the abrupt putting-on-the-spot but those are the risks you take when you are fabulous and have a really great “personal elevator pitch”.

Don’t forget to connect with the WBN LinkedIn group to share ideas, promotions, jobs, and events. Let’s take our fabulous networking opportunities available at the monthly luncheons and extend them online. If you have something you’d like to post but would like help doing it, don’t hesitate to contact Jenna at .

See you next month!

Thanks again to our March luncheon sponsors:

     Merrill Lynch logo


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