February 9th WBN Luncheon Recap: YouTube As a Powerful Marketing Tool

Thanks to  Ricky Ray Butler of Plaid Social Labs, who spoke at the February 9th luncheon.

Plaid Social Labs has a very niche focus in social media: YouTube and Facebook video marketing. With so many social platforms available, it’s important to 1) focus on the right platforms for your business and 2) commit to becoming a regular participant in those platforms. Some may call it a case of quality vs. quantity.
Ricky allowed us to take a peek behind the curtain of the fascinating world of YouTube including:
  • YouTube celebrities and their passionate and engaged YouTube followers and fans. These YouTube celebrities can do very powerful things for brands in the way of product testimonials and endorsements.
  • Not all videos go “viral”. Some videos sit in obscurity for some time before they, one day, are off and running. Just like with most publishing, make it regular, informative and engaging to garner your YouTube following. Who knows? One day you may have a viral hit on your hands.
  • Perfume atomizers are a great way to take your fragrance on-the-go (his montage of  YouTube makeup celebs’ endorsements totally worked!!).
Thanks again Ricky, and Plaid Social Labs for a very entertaining and informative February WBN luncheon!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The WBN thanks our 2012 Angel Sponsor, the Barbara Barrington Jones Family Foundation, and our February luncheon sponsors – Remedez Hair & Spa and Utah Valley Expos



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