2011 Utah Valley Women’s Business Conference

The Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce Women’s Business Network (WBN) is pleased to present the 2011 Utah Valley Women’s Business Conference.  This Conference is designed to support the educational and professional development of businesswomen in the Utah Valley community and reflects the WBN’s mission to empower professional women by promoting business connections, encouraging diverse personal and professional networks, and providing development opportunities.  


 Friday, October 14, 2011

Registration and Same-Day Ticket Purchase: 8:30-9AM

Conference: 9AM-1:30PM

at the Utah Valley University Sorensen Student Center

Purchase Tickets Online Now! 

Tickets are $15 Students and $30 Businesswomen and can be purchased at http://www.thechamber.org/events/2011-utah-valley-womens-business-conference/.  Tickets will remain available for online purchase through the event date.  Event seating is limited and interested attendees are encouraged to purchase tickets in advance.  

Attendees will select one of three educational tracks which include business leaders from across Utah Valley; all attendees will participate in a luncheon, sponsored by the Barbara Barrington-Jones Family Foundation, with keynote speaker Christine Redgrave, Vice President of Communication at Zion’s Bank and host of KSL’s Speaking on Business.   

Track A: Business Basics
Business Basics provides practical courses for high school seniors, college students, new professionals, or women looking to re-enter the workforce.

Track B:  Enterprising Entrepreneurs
Designed for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, this track will provide dynamic presentations on entrepreneurialism best practices.

Track C: Practiced Professionals
Experienced businesswomen will find relevant the advanced content in the Practice Professional track.

Course 1A: Where do I Belong?
This course discusses the various types of jobs available to those with business-related degrees, the current jobs in high demand, and other factors which may affect career-related decision-making for women (i.e., working moms, getting involved while in college).

Presenter:  Leialoha Pakaloni, UVU Career Development Center

Course 1B: Are You Ready to Rumble?
This course overviews the basics of starting your own business, including setting up an LLC, acquiring and managing finances, and online resources for starting a business.

Presenters:  Pattie Christensen, Utah Estate Planners; Jennifer Overton, Hawkins Cloward and Simister

Course 1C: Increasing Your Network
This course provides instruction regarding executive-level networking and expanding the professional network through use of social media.

Presenter: Cheryl Snapp-Conner, Snapp-Conner Public Relations

Course 2A: Moving on Up
This course discusses skills and behaviors most valued in business which increase the likelihood of advancement and long-term employment. 

Presenter: Marsha Haynes, UVU Internship Services

Course 2B: Growing Your Business
This course addresses how to grow an entrepreneurial business through understanding the Utah Valley marketplace and effective networking and public relations strategies.

Presenters:  Becky Anderson, For Every Home and For Every Body

Course 2C:
Where is My Dream Team?

This course discusses how to effectively recruit and retain excellent employees to ultimately improve the bottom line (Company Culture).

Presenter:  Tiffany Breivik, Sundance Resort

Course 3A: Networking 101
This course teaches essential networking skills with emphasis on building long-term relationships.

Jessica Devenish, Checknet

Course 3B: Dusting Yourself Off
This panel discussion features several successful entrepreneurs who have overcome professional challenges to achieve their desired business results.  Through real-world experience, the panelists offer advice on how to solve problems and overcome failure.

Panel:  Jeanette Bennett,  Bennett Communications; Shauna Theobald, UVU Entrepreneurship Institute; Barbara Barrington-Jones, The Barbara-Barrington-Jones Foundation

Course 3C: Being Indispensable
This panel discussion includes recognized experts in several fields who will discuss how to become indispensable within a changing corporate environment.

Panel: Laura Zitting, Red Lobster; Rona Rahlf, The Daily Herald; Lori Reay, Hawkins Cloward & Simister

Barbara Barrington-Jones Family Foundation Keynote Speaker and Luncheon: Becoming an Effective Leader through Meaningful Connections
Effective leaders communicate messages, motivate employees, and achieve organizational goals while also contributing to the community.  This presentation will provide valuable information to aid businesswomen of all experience levels and professional settings in becoming effective leaders.

Keynote Speaker:  Christine Redgrave, Zion’s Bank

All proceeds support the new WBN Small Business Development Grant program.  For questions on the event, contact wbn@thechamber.orgor call the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce directly at 801.851.2555.  Purchase Tickets Online Now! 

The WBN thanks its key sponsors for their remarkable support in building this meaningful event:  The Barbara Barrington-Jones Family Foundation, The Daily Herald, Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce, Utah Valley University Woodbury School of Business, and Hawkins Cloward and Simister.



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