July 2011 Featured Businesswoman: Jessica Devenish

During each month of 2011, the Women’s Business Network will feature a Utah Valley businesswoman who has demonstrated business excellence in areas such as leadership, community contribution, and innovation.  By identifying contributors from our community, we hope to learn from and network with other successful women as well as acknowledge success!  WBN’s past chair, Cynthia Gambill of Remedez, will be interviewing and introducing us to these outstanding women.

Jessica Devenish

While recognized as an industry leader in debt collections, credit card services, and electronic payment processing, Devenish actually worked her way up the corporate ladder by starting as a collector.  In 1997, she, with her family, created her own agency (Checknet) where she is the President and Chief Executive Officer.  Devenish is also an active representative of the Utah Association of Collectors and was the acting President of the Association in 2005-2006.  She has received many certifications from the American Collectors Association in both First- and Third-Party Collections.  Additionally, Devenish is a member of the Utah Valley Magazine Executive Editorial Board.

Devenish’s professional experience and drive is directly connected to her wonderful, supportive family. Having been in the collection industry for over 23 years, she indicates her motivation and knowledge came from her great mentor and father – “the original” in this industry.

Devenish currently lives in Springville, Utah with her husband, Kelly, of 17 years and their five children: Jamie (13), Courtney (10), Tristen (8), and are the lucky guardians of their niece, Libby (16), and nephew, Kaden (13). The kids call their little family the “Devenish Sevenish.”   The family keeps very busy with schedules and enjoys living closely to other family members.  Devenish reports working with her family is one of the great pleasures in her life.  She also enjoys meeting new people and seeing the success of her children, family, friends, staff, clients, and fellow business leaders.

Devenish takes great pride in her organization and notes that Checknet does three things better than anyone else:  collections, merchant services, and electronic checks – all under one roof!  Through Checknet, which is locally owned and operated, and Devenish’s community engagement, Utah Valley is indeed well-served.

For more information on Checknet, visit their website at http://www.checknetinc.com/ and join the WBN at the Thursday, July 14th luncheon to meet Jessica Devenish!


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