June WBN Luncheon Follow-up: Being an Entrepreneur of Your Own Career

June 2011 WBN luncheonThe June Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce Women’s Business Network (WBN) was held Thursday, June 9th at Ruby River Steakhouse in Provo.  It was exciting to see so many new faces. We hope you had a great time and will join us again.

We were pleased to have  Shauna Theobald, Program Director at the Novell Open Source Technology Center, as our speaker.  She spoke about “Being an Entrepreneur of Your Own Career, ”  pointing out that we don’t have to be starting our own business to be an entrepreneur.  There are things we all can do to further our careers.

One of the key things Shauna brought up was how important it is to have an “elevator pitch” ready so you can pitch yourself at any time.  It’s also good to have a vision board that keeps you focused on what your goals are.  Shauna turned some time over to JeTheobaldnna Broadbent to discuss the importance of social media.  Shauna and Jenna were kind enough to share their presentations with us.

Being an Entrepreneur in your Own Career


  • WHO you are…really
    • Women think differently than men
      • Multi-tasking vs. focus
      • Multi-variant thinking vs. straight line thinking
      • Task vs. relationship insights
      • Guilt vs. delegation
    • Competition, compromise, accommodating, and collaboration
  • WHAT is your vision for your work, for your life
    • Cultural norms
    • Family expectations
    • Media portrayals
    • YOU!
  • WHAT organizations are likeJune 2011 luncheon
    • Organizations exist to make a profit
    • Work to build yourself, not just for your company
  • WHY you’re working
    • Security
    • Family breadwinner
    • Fun money
    • Sense of personal accomplishment
    • Change the world
    • The ‘Why’ determines how much risk you can take
  • WHERE you work….does it align with your vision?
    • Your boss may be more important to your career than the organization
    • Mission of the organization match your vision?
    • Do your skills and talents add value to the organization?
  • WHEN do you want to take the next step?
    • Traditional career ladder
    • Non-linear career path


  • LISTEN and identify motivations of boss, co-workers; company culture
  • LEARN about industry trends, company mission, organizational structure, policies and procedures
  • WATCH for opportunities; pursue those aligned opportunities having greatest chance of success
  • TALK to validate your ideas, strategies, and to manage their expectations.
  • ASK for what you want.  Use the language of business (metrics, statistics, bottom line impacts, productivity increases, etc.)
  • ACT to deliver value to the organization, your boss, and your team mates.  Track your value.
  • TELL others what you’ve done, what you’re doing, about your ‘wins.’  Provide appropriate metrics. Promote yourself.

Thank you to Ascione and Associates, LLC  and the Third Annual Ladies Curiosity Golf Challenge at Thanksgiving Point for sponsoring our luncheon and also to our 2011 Angel Sponsor, the Barbara Barrington Jones Family Foundation!

Our July 14 luncheon will be at the Tahitian Noni Garden (so beautiful!).  Keep watching for more information.

Would you like some recognition for your business?
If you or your organization would like to sponsor WBN events, contact Alison Dyer at ali@uvmag.com.  Or, you can simply bring a door prize of at least $5 value (in addition to any service discounts, if applicable) to the luncheon and we’ll mention your donation at the giveaway!


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