March 2011 Luncheon Followup – Networking

Jessica Egbert and Barbara Barrington Jones
Jessica Egbert and Barbara Barrington Jones

Our March Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce Women’s Business Network (WBN) luncheon was phenomenal!  We met at The Hub at Corporate Alliance in Provo for our quarterly Nothing but Networking event.  The networking events are always popular, but this one broke attendance records!  Part of that was due to having the North Utah County Women in Business join us.  There were also a lot of new members and business women checking us out as a result of our participation in the recent Big Business and Technology Expo.  Welcome, everyone!!

In addition to a fantastic lunch catered by Copper Grill Catering (formerly A Viking’s Feast), we had fun getting to know each other during the networking activities.  Business cards were swapped and we learned some interesting things about each other.  I’m pretty sure some great connections were made and some of these businesses will be working with each other soon.

March 2011 lunchSome people have asked, “What exactly is a networking activity?” Networking activities help you increase your personal and professional networks and improve networking skills. A common activity we do is to have a numbered list of questions.  Participants are divided into smaller groups of 4-6 people and they each take a turn rolling dice or drawing numbers out of a box to decide which question they have to answer.  A wide variety of questions are used (What is your favorite food?  How did you end up at your current job?  Where would you live if you could?) and the answers to the questions not only help you to know the people in your group better, but also serve as conversation starters. I’ve found that I have an easier time remembering people’s names and where they work after learning more about them.

March 2011 lunch activityNext month’s luncheon will be on Thursday, April 14, 2011.  Watch for updates with all the details and make sure you register before the luncheon so we have enough food.  Because our group is growing, we’ll be looking for larger locations than we have used in the past.  Let us know if you have any ideas.

Thanks to Eli Kirk, Aspen Senior Care, and UV Expos for sponsoring this luncheon! Thank you also to the Barbara Barrington Jones Family Foundation, who is our 2011 Angel Sponsor!

Would you like some easy recognition for your business? If you or your organization would like to sponsor this or future events, your minimum $50 donation goes directly into the WBN Scholarship Fund and allows you a brief presentation to the WBN Luncheon attendees. For more information about this and future sponsorship opportunities, contact Alison Dyer at


Bring a door prize of at least $5 value (in addition to any service discounts, if applicable) to the luncheon and we’ll mention your donation at the giveaway!


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