Understanding Digital Media – February Luncheon Follow-up

WBN luncheon participantsOur February WBN luncheon was held , February 10th at The Scera Center for the Arts.  We were excited to see a lot of new faces as well as some ladies we hadn’t seen in awhile.  The luncheon began with a networking activity and then it was time to eat the delicious lunch catered by Landmark II Catering.

Thanks to Habitat for Humanity of Utah County and Hawkins, Cloward, and Simister for  sponsoring this luncheon!  Thank you also to The Barbara Barrington Jones Family Foundation, our 2011 Angel Sponsor!

Michele RobertsOur featured speaker was Michele Roberts, Director of Marketing and Communications for The Daily Herald.  She spoke onUnderstanding Digital Media and How it Applies to Your Business.  Michele pointed out that we are living in a global economy and your business needs to be online even to reach Utah Valley.  Physical location of a business is just not as important anymore. People in their 20s, 20s, 40s, and 60s use digital media differently, but they ALL use it.  Understanding your product, target market, and consumer needs is just as important in a digital world.  Digital includes email, mobile (texting, mobile sites), applications (apps), business websites (landing page, full website), search engine optimization (SEO), and social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, BlipTV, FourSquare, blogs, etc.).

Feb 2011 luncheonDigital is powerful and dangerous, but easy to manage when you understand it.  It’s important to learn how to guide it and vital that a company becomes what their intended consumer needs.  Utah ranks best in the nation for personal computer ownership, with 74.1% of homes owning a computer. Utah is also the most tech-savvy state in the nation.  Forrester predicts that interactive marketing will grow 17% through 2014, led by social media (increasing 34%). Mobile  (increasing 27%), display advertising (17%), search engines (15%), and email (11%) will follow.  Michele noted that Utah Valley consumers are generally seen as tech savvy, young, educated, and cheap.

According to a new survey recently announced by Ruder Finn, Americans are spending an average of 2.7 hours on the mobile Internet, connecting socially, managing their personal finances, and even as a means for advocacy.  While 79% of traditional desktop users go online to socialize, 91% of mobile phone users do. Mobile phone users are 1.6 times more likely to manage finances compared to traditional desktop users. Mobile phone users are 1.4 times more likely than traditional desktop users to rally support for a cause. The survey states, “Mobile phones have become the way people organize their lives…and this trend will…accelerate…the faster businesses can adapt their services…the more rapidly they can…understand their customers to drive growth.”

Next month’s luncheon will be a Nothing But Networking event, beginning at 11:30 am on March 10th at Corporate Alliance. Would you like some easy recognition for your business? If you or your organization would like to sponsor an event, your minimum $50 donation goes directly into the WBN Scholarship Fund and allows you a brief presentation to the WBN Luncheon attendees. For more information about this and future sponsorship opportunities, contact Alison Dyer at ali@uvmag.com.  Another option is to bring a door prize of at least $5 value (in addition to any service discounts, if applicable) to the luncheon and we’ll mention your donation at the giveaway!

FYI – Habitat for Humanity is working on a women’s week building event and would like to know if there’s enough interest to have a “women in business” day.  It would be a half day event on a week day.  If there is enough interest, we’ll keep the details coming.


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