Market Outlook for 2011 – January Luncheon Follow-up

Networking activityThe Pizza FactoryThe January WBN luncheon was held January 13th at The Pizza Factory in Provo.  Although the breadsticks were the first thing to get everyone talking, Alison Dyer organized a networking activity to get everyone talking even more. Working in small groups, we each took turns rolling dice and answering questions corresponding with the number we had rolled.  Networking is one of the most popular WBN activities!

One of the luncheon sponsors invited all WBN members to their upcoming financial workshop at Utah Valley University.  The Financial Facts That Women Need to Know Workshop will be held Thursday, January 27, 2011 at UVU’s Student Center, Room 213b.  It is offered free of charge and you can register by contacting Clark Harris at 801-331-7800 or  More information is available at

WBN Jan 2011January’s luncheon Dave Youngspeaker was Dave Young, Founder of Paragon Wealth Management.  He spoke on the topic “Market Outlook for 2011 and What that Means for your Business.” Dave pointed out that the events of the past few years can be painted the way you want – either positive or negative.  It’s important to realize that in the face of all the doom and gloom, the market actually went up 81%.  We can’t choose whether the bad events will happen or not, but you can choose to be optimistic.  Dave led into some financial advice by pointing out that most people who get windfall money (win the lottery, life insurance payout, etc.) have lost or spent all of it in three years.  You need to learn the basic principles of managing your wealth.

  • Put some money away – build it over time (take advantage of compound interest)
  • Spend less than you earn
  • Avoid unnecessary debt
  • Protect yourself from large losses
  • Follow a sound long-term strategy
  • Be patient!

Thanks to CheckNet and the Cambridge Financial Center for sponsoring this luncheon!  Thank you also to The Barbara Barrington Jones Family Foundation, who is our 2011 Angel Sponsor!

Our February luncheon will be held February 10th at Scera Center for the Arts.  Michele Roberts of The Daily Herald will be speaking on using digital media.


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