Public Relations Strategies for a Changing World – August Luncheon Follow-Up

Our August 12 luncheon was held in the beautiful gardens of Tahitian Noni.   The weather was wonderful and A Viking’s Feast provided a tasty lunch with a fiesta theme.  Several new women attended the luncheon and we’re excited to welcome them!

Cheryl Snapp Conner of Snapp Conner PR spoke about Public Relations Strategies for a Changing World.  She gave several examples of publicity stunts to remind us that public relations (PR) should tie in closely with the message of your business and the value of your product.  The most successful PR is word of mouth; advertising comes in at number seven.  Cheryl pointed out that press releases need to show the value to the customer of whatever you are announcing.  The actual details of the announcement are just the validating proof.  The media want to know what the impact of your new product, change of personnel, policy change, etc. will be.  One example Cheryl gave illustrated how timing of PR is crucial.  If you announce a new product but the product isn’t actually available yet, you probably won’t get a second opportunity to announce it.  She ended by telling us that PR is the support for sales – not the same thing as sales.  The PR you create is used by salespeople to share with customers.

Thanks to Utah Valley Expos and Utah Foster Care Foundation for sponsoring this event!

Our next Women’s Business Network luncheon is a Nothing But Networking event on September 9.


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