October Luncheon Follow-up: Cherilyn Eagar, US Senate Candidate and Motivational Yoda

On Thursday, October 8 the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce Women’s Business Network (WBN) held its monthly luncheon at East Bay Café on the Novell campus.  Representatives from dozens of Utah County businesses enjoyed a wonderful lunch and valuable networking opportunity.  Additionally, the WBN heard from Cherilyn Bacon Eagar, candidate for U.S. Senate, on the topic of Finding the opportunity in opposition and turning adversity into advantage.  

Eagar’s presentation was grounded in two primary concepts, the first of which originated from her mother.  First, Eagar’s relayed to the WBN stories from her life supporting her mother’s principle of ‘just go on.’  With a candid and genuine approach to adversity, Eagar gave personal and professional examples of overcoming adversity throughout her diverse experiences as a mother, businesswoman, thespian, and politician.  Intermingled with uplifting stories of public figures, she emphasized the advantage and opportunities that may be found by ‘just going on’ in situations of opposition and adversity.  Eagar’s second concept incorporated the word ‘magnanimity,’ Eagar noted to the audience that others cannot define an individual; individuals can control one thing, however – attitude.  Attendees were encouraged to be magnanimous in finding the opportunity and advantage in all scenarios.

The WBN thanks Hawkins Cloward and Simister for sponsoring the October luncheon.  Information regarding the November and December luncheons will shortly be posted.  For more information on the WBN, visit the blog at https://thewbn.wordpress.com

October WBN - Cherilyn Eagar


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