October WBN Luncheon

Join us for our WBN luncheon on October 8th at 11:30AM at the East Bay Café(1800 South Novell Place, Provo) in the Novell complex.  The Café is the separate building on the West side of the main Novell tower.  Park on the west side of the Café and enter from the North. The WBN will be in the Mountain View Room.

We’re pleased to welcome our luncheon speaker is Cherilyn Bacon Eagar, candidate for U.S. Senate, who will be speaking on the topic Finding the opportunity in opposition and turning adversity into advantage.

Register and pay for the luncheon by 12PM on Monday, October 5th, to receive the $15 discounted rate. Those who register after this date will pay the regular $18 rate. While attendees are welcomed at the door, it is strongly encouraged to RSVP so we can ensure there is adequate food!  To register, click on the Events Registration link to the left or contact Camellia Rowland at crowland@thechamber.org or 801-851-2564.

Thanks to Hawkins Cloward and Simisterfor sponsoring this event!  If you or your organization would like to sponsor this or future events, your $50 donation goes directly into the WBN Scholarship Fund and allows you a brief presentation to the WBN Luncheon attendees.   For more information about this and future sponsorship opportunities, contact Ali Dyer at ali@uvmag.com.

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Bacon Eagar, CherilynCherilyn Bacon Eagar

Cherilyn Bacon Eagar (born 1950) is a candidate for election to Utah’s seat in the United States Senate in 2010. Eagar is challenging fellow Republican incumbent US Senator and Utah’s Attorney General. The race has been named one of the top 10 in-party races in the nation by the Washington Post. 

Cherilyn B. Eagar is Vice President of Marketing and co-owner of Webstarget, a real estate Internet Marketing company specializing in organic search engine optimization and social networking. Upon her announcement of her candidacy for U.S. Senate, she has taken a leave of absence to give the campaign full-time attention.

With a lifetime of study and research behind her, Cherilyn is versed and read on the issues, and has done extensive research in education policy, has presented nationally on education reforms, media and public relations and related topics, Internet marketing strategies. She has hosted a talk radio show and routinely subs on K-TALK radio in Salt Lake City, and is featured in Sean Hannity’s book Let Freedom Ring. 

She has served for over 30 years in charitable, family advocacy and political leadership roles, including leadership roles in Republican Womens’ organizations and on several non-profit boards. She currently serves on the Utah Federation of Republican Women Board. She also has also been a candidate for the school board, a campaign manager for a congressional race and has served on state committees for presidential campaigns. In 2004 she traveled to Ohio to work on the Bush-Cheney election and in 2008 she served on the Utah Women for Mitt Committee. She co-authored the first state Family Education Rights to Privacy Act and has advocated at the United Nations in support of traditional family values. 

A lifelong Republican, she has also had brief, top-level, “third party” experience when she helped Patrick Buchanan in his bid for the presidency. During that time, she became the National Press Secretary for the Reform Party. She is now a strong advocate for working within the existing two party-system to affect change. Eagar has stated she believes the Republican Party has drifted too far from correct principles of government in practice.


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