Julie Andersen: Networking Guru!

At the WBN’s July 9th luncheon, Julie Andersen (Corporate Alliance) treated us to an interactive and entertaining presentation entitled Networking 101.  Andersen’s rich professional background and networking savvy qualified her as a content expert to deliver this relevant presentation.  Among her key points, Anderson noted that every opportunity has its root in a relationship – the steady growth of a business occurs through relationships, not just through selling!  Andersen noted six key points regarding building relationships – learn about the other person, fully engage in the conversation, serve them, do things “just because,” keep records, and build trust.  She noted her business motto – “People do business with people they know, like, and trust.”   Avoiding relationship arrogance is also critical in building relationships; do not judge or assume to know from where the person is coming nor who they know.    Lastly, Andersen emphasized the importance of participating in “pools” of people.  To effectively network, one must show up to large group activities, reach out to others, be approachable, be yourself, be memorable, and linger after the event!  Through networking, businesswomen can increase their influence, collaborate, and be advocates for each other.

Thanks again to The Garden Path and Pregnancy Resource Center for sponsoring the July luncheon; also, a huge thanks to Julie Anderson for sharing her expertise and to Corporate Alliance for sharing their great meeting space.


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